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    We offer high-quality decking and pergola services to residential and commercial homeowners all across the Cairns and Northern Qld region.

    Our decking contractors have been providing premium services, specialising in timber decking, composite decking, pergolas, pavilions, patios, and verandahs.

    At Cairns Decking Specialists, our team of highly skilled carpenters design and install custom decks that exceeds our clients’ expectations. We understand that your needs are diverse, and therefore, we use a variety of timbers, such as merbau and spotted gum when working with our customers.

    Our team are equipped to handle the A-Z of renovating your outdoor from the concrete work right through to the painting of the pergola and decking structure.

    Our deck builders are knowledgeable, experienced, insured, and licensed to work in the Queensland area. If you want to enhance the look and feel of your patio, our experts will incorporate balustrades and stairs into it.

    All of our projects are bespoke, and we make sure we sit down with you before every job to ensure transparency and a quality result every time! Check out our services page for more.

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    Timber DECKING

    Timber Decking

    As an extension of your living space, timber decking can be used in the outdoor living, kitchen, and entertainment area. Before we construct a timber deck, we consult with you to run through all expectations so we can deliver the best results

    At Cairns Decking, we understand that decks are versatile in terms of color, shape, and size, and we can make floors that are tailored to your needs.

    We stock all types of timbers, and we can construct your decks using hardwood, softwood, or composite wood, and are committed to providing quality and affordable services to meet your budgets and timelines.
    Timber decking is essential for your outdoor living space, and it can bring a lot of entertainment to your family and visitors. 

    Awesome service and a great quality deck and pergola installed by these guys. Our garden has had a major facelift thanks to Cairns Decking Specialists! Jess G. Port Douglas
    Composite Decking

    Composite Decking

    Our highly trained carpenters are here to provide high-quality decking services to both residential and commercial homeowners located in the Queensland area. We pride ourselves on high-quality services, and we always use the best composite materials to construct your decks.
    Composites are commonly used as flooring materials by many homeowners. If you are looking for an affordable and easy to maintain the deck, consider using composite wood. Our specialists can install it as per your styles.

    At Cairns Decking, we value your opinion, and we will always consult with you before we decide on the right decking option. Our goal is in in providing solutions that go beyond your expectations.

    Our contractors can design and install durable, flexible, and sustainable decks. Moreover, note that composite decking comes with a 10-25 year guarantee.

    Cairns Decking Specialists stock all types of composites to cater to your commercial and residential needs, and are trained to install, and maintain composite decks for all of our customers.

    Q – How Much Does a Deck Cost To Build?
    In Cairns, most decks will cost around $320 /m2 

    Contact us for an exact quote for your requirements.

    “These guys did a great job in our garden patio. They built us a new deck for our hot tub and it looks fantastic. Great service from the start, and all at a very competitive price”
    Craig G. Port Douglas

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    composite decking pool
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    outdoor decking
    Pool Deck

    Pool Decking

    A pool deck enhances the look and style of your swimming pool. Besides, the deck provides a space where you can place lounge chairs and tables.

    At Cairns Decking, we can design and build stylish and durable decks around swimming pools. Our deck builders can construct top decks to make your swimming pool attractive. Contact us now and benefit from our custom services.

    Our deck builders have the expertise to build decks around new and existing swimming pools. We care about quality, and we are committed to building attractive and long-lasting decks for you.
    The value of a pool deck depends on the design and style of construction. At Cairns Decking, we use the best and most durable materials to built decks for you.

    Our team will normally install decking timber wood or composite wood.

    • Wood

    Timber is one of the most affordable materials that are commonly used in decking. Our deck builders are familiar with various woods, and they can install top decks for you.

    If the floor around your swimming pool is not flat, not to worry… our specialists have immense expertise, and they can construct the deck off the ground.

    To protect timber decks from weathering or losing colour, you need to maintain them regularly. Our deck builders can stain and repair your timber decks to where applicable.

    • Composite wood
    Many homeowners prefer composite woods over other materials because they are affordable and easy to maintain. Also, composite decks don’t fade despite their prolonged exposure to the sunshine.
    Why Choose Composite Decking?
    • Durable

    Unlike natural wood, composites are long-lasting and resistant to general wear and tears. Furthermore, composites rarely bend, and they come with warranties of between 10 to 25 years.

    • Low maintenance

    A composite floor doesn’t need constant support, and you only need soap and water to clean its surface.

    • Resistant to stains

    Composite products are porous, and they can withstand the development of stains on their surfaces.

    • Ease of installation

    Composite products are manufactured in right designs, hence making their installation easy.

    • Friendly to bare feet

    Composite woods rarely crack, and you can walk over them on barefoot without feeling any pain.

    Q – How much does pool decking cost?
    Pool decks cost usually around $350 – $400 m2 using quality materials and stainless steel fixings .

    We just love our new timber deck from the team at Cairns Decking. The finished product looks fantastic and we can now have family get togethers in our garden with plenty of room” Jesse K. Mareeba

    Verandahs and Pergolas

    A pergola provides an outdoor living space where you can take meals and entertain yourself despite the prevailing weather conditions, and is a very popular add on for our customers! We are one of the leading pergola builders in town, and our builders are familiar with building structures of all styles and sizes.

    No matter the weather conditions, our builders can design and construct pergolas to accommodate your environmental needs. To keep up against the extreme Queensland weather we can will build protective walls around your pergola to protect you against the adverse weather

    At Cairns Decking, we take pride in our excellent customer service, having been serving the local area for over 10 years. Our carpenters have vast experience in installing patios and verandahs for clients.

    Our specialists are conversant with designing and integrating a visually appealing roof into your pergola. Our builders can construct a pergola using different roof styles, such as gable, flat, and curved.


    Cairns Decking Specialists are committed to constructing high quality verandahs to meet your standards. Unlike a pergola which is standalone building, a verandah is a structure that is attached to your house.

    All verandahs have roofs, and their role is to protect you, improve the value of your home, and provide an outdoor living space.
    You can construct your verandah from various materials, such as hardwood and softwood to install your verandah. After building the verandah, our specialists paint and stain it to enhance its beauty.

    Verandah design
    Pergola design

    Decking FAQ

    Is it possible to restore a decking colour?

    Decking will lose its colour and fade over time. But it is easy to restore colour if the deck with a new lick of paint and sealer to protect it… However, the selection of the paint matters:

    • Oil or paraffin paints are a favoured option if you don’t want the timber decks to absorb moisture
    • Paint using one that has UV blockers to preventing fading or loss of colour from your decks.
    • To protect your decking from wood-eating bugs, and bacteria, use paints laced with insecticides.

    If you choose to restore the colour of your deck, ensure that use a stain-blocking oil or an alkyd primer before painting.

    And when you apply a paint, use a paint roller or paint sprayer. Ensure you get an even coat while painting the decking.

    How do you repair scratches on a decking?

    Both timber and composite can scratch, though the tendency is higher in timber than in composite. Moving heavy objects or furniture is the primary cause of scratches on boards.
    While scratches might make your deck less pleasing, it is advisable not to repair them because, over time, they blend in with the rest of the deck. However, your composite deck has a noticeable scratch use a soldering iron to level the scratch as well as blend it with other areas of the deck.
    Alternatively, you can touch up small scratches, and scuffs use a tough-up concealer.

    For wooden decking , you can paint or stain the deck.
    For deeper scratches or substantial damage on the deck, a replacement me be required.

    How much does a pergola cost to build?

    The average pergola will cost approx $2,700 per m2, with a low end pergola costing $20,000. A mid range pergola will put you back approx $35,000 with a higher end pergola structure costing anywhere up to $55,000.

    How Much $$$ Does A New Deck Cost?

    There are a few different variables that will affect the total investment of having a new decking installed:

    • Proposed size of decking area
    • Type of decks used (timber/softwood/hardwood/ composite)
    • Any extras like stairs, pergolas, verandahs, balustrade, glass panels
    • Foundations
    • Any council permits
    • If the area is elevated/ slanted then this can create difficulties in the build and cause an increase in price
    • Speak to our team to discuss the best solution for your budget

    Is decking a good idea?

    Decking is a splendid way to extend your building’s living space. Typically, it offers an extra social space ideal for children playing, entertaining, dining, or relaxing. Simply put, it’s one of the most attractive additions that can be made to a home.

    Is decking cheaper than paving?

    The cost of decking material is lower than that of paving material. Moreover, the construction cost of decking is lower than paving.
    However, the maintenance cost of pavers is less than decks. Besides, pavers may never need replacement like decks.

    What is the best decking material?

    Both wooden decks and composite decks are currently popular options for decking. But the best decking material should perfectly suit your space. Therefore, you need to strike a balance/compromise between budget, ease of maintenance, climate, and overall aesthetic.
    We recommend Composite decking as the most favoured material due it its durability and versatility!

    With Cairns Decking Specialists, we guarantee honest and fair ​pricing from our consultation, and ensure no hidden costs.

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