beautiful composite decking design

Cairns Decking Specialists is a locally owned decking company located in Queensland, Australia, and we take pride in providing high-quality services for our local customers, and we have been operational for the past ten years.

We specialise in designing and constructing wooden decks, composite decks, pool decks, pergolas, and verandahs. In our team, we have highly competent deck builders, who are licensed and insured carpenters to work in Queensland.

At Cairns Decking, we value clients’ opinions and know that every home renovation is unique in it’s own way, therefore before we construct a deck, we spend some time to go through available options so we can arrive at the best solution. We are committed to installing decks that exceeds your expectations to ensure you can entertain guests in style!

A timber deck is an ideal component in your kitchen, entertainment, and outdoor areas. We have vast experience in designing and installing decks in various homes. We value your specifications, and we always work towards meeting them.

Many homeowners use composite products to construct their floors. Composite decking is an affordable and easy-to-maintain surface, therefore is a popular option with our clients. We are experts in constructing high-quality composite decks for your residential and commercial requirements. We are committed to providing a premium service from start to finish, and we guarantee to install valuable and durable products.

We have all types of composites to cater to your diverse needs. Our builders can design and construct composite decks that are tailored to your budgets.

Cairns Decking Specialists are committed to building long-lasting and sustainable decks with a 10-25 year guarantee.

On pool decking, we are always ahead of the competition, installing high-quality decking services to homeowners around town! Our deck builders have experience in building top decks for swimming pools.

If you intend to build a deck around your new or old swimming pool, don’t hesitate to contact us. We deliver high-quality services, and we are conversant with using different materials to construct top pool decks.

A pergola is a structure that provides an outdoor living space where you relax, take meals, and entertain yourself despite the existing weather elements. Our builders are conversant with designing pergolas that are customized to your standards.

To make your pergola visually appealing, we design and integrate a roof into it. Our builders can construct a pergola using different roof styles, such as curved, flat, and gable.

We are committed to building top-quality verandahs for your residential and commercial homes. Our specialists can design verandahs that meet your custom needs.

We look forward to speaking with you about your upcoming home and garden renovation project. Contact us now for a free quote!

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