Pool Decking

timber decking

Decking plays a significant role in enhancing the look and style of a swimming pool, which is why our team are passionate about helping our customers renovate and bring their outdoor area to life. 

At Cairns Decking, we design and install stylish and long-lasting decks around swimming pools. Contact us if you intend to build a deck around your swimming pool.
With more than ten years of decking experience, our patio builder can install and maintain decks around new and existing

pools. We take pride in quality services, and we are committed to completing your projects on time.
A deck around a swimming pool should be attractive and durable. The value of a pool deck will depend on the type of materials used and craftsmanship. Our pool builders will advise you about the best stuff before installing the floor.

Most customers will go for composite decking when choosing their pool decks due to the style and feel of the material on bare feet and also practicality.

However some customers do go for timber wood, however it does require more maintenance and is less resistant to rot.

A timber deck needs regular maintenance to protect it against colour loss and weathering. Our specialists stain and repair wooden floors to make them durable and attractive.

Composite wood is durable and resistant to rot; hence ideal for constructing pool decks. Also, despite their prolonged exposure to the sun, composites don’t fade. 
Here are the reasons why you should choose composite decking for your pool.

  • Ease to install

Composites come in the right shapes and sizes; hence making their installation faster.

  • Resist stains
  • Built in moisture resistant
  • Safer under your foot (no splinters)

Composites are porous, and they can resist stains and the growth of moss on their surfaces.

  • Long-lasting

Composite wood is durable and resistant to wear and tears. Moreover, composites come with warranties of between 10-25 years.

  • Reduced maintenance

Maintaining a composite deck is straight forward; for instance, you only need soap and water to clean them.

So if you’re looking for a new pool deck or verandah for your outdoor living area, then click to call us on the button below!

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